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THE ZANESVILLE SIGNAL SATURDAY JAN 17 Miss It Tomorrow THE SUNDAY Times Signal Ch Succeeding The Sunday News TODAY is the first day of O' NATIONAL THRIT: ULL REPORT ASSOCIATED PRESS 3 TWO PAGES SOCIETY NEWS GRAND OLD BANK COMPLETE NEW COMIC SECTION rr roiton to iiowara GROUP CATHOLIC ocdukutlL thlaren' Hotfari (Oration SPECIAL EATURE PAGES AND ARTICLES SPORTING NEWS THE WORLD IT ArOHDH ME GREAT to the Charles' Bluthsrt who resigned ALL STATE AND LOCAL HAPPENINGS OSTERED BY ELKS crntly BOTH SIDES THE POLITICAL SITUATION day evening in honor of the 20th an of all BUHuDING AND REAL ESTATE NEWS i Kills NEW CONCORD NEWS OR AUTOMOBILISTS A VESPERS EDITORIAL POLICY mu Mlim Ada Shoemaker of McCon Kcv asMant pastor DUCK STORY BUT NEED LOCAL NEWSPAPER hat 100 LATE TO CLASSIY AT ALL NEWS STANDS i ANYThHM IN A NAME THIS YEAR OUGHT TO PiiUuuCh I i SOME NEW JUMPING RECORDS LV 'or hrmy great New Concord Jan Mrs Charle Beat has returned from a visit with her brother at Wheeling nelevllle la visiting with Margaret Guthrie and other friends dull rac ot Crooksville Of Roseville THE YACHTING CuP IS flirting WITH SlC THOMAS AGAIN! 'L6AP lW UJHEN 7HK YANKS LE APE DOVE THB ATLANTIC Bateman" A Mangold funeral rectors 757 Market street WANTED ive girls or women at Muskingum Laundry value espe AHIIB DATES ENTERTAINMENT AT THE CALDWELL BGH sort leased AWAY WTH THOSE ACHES AND PAINS and Mrs Hertert Geary married OB New Teat's wedding 1 William Mill to rederick Mrs Charles Reed of Seborn ave 'elton parcel In Hopewell township fA" oo' The comic section for The Sunday Times Signal will be one of which any paper in the greatest metropolis might be proud It will be amusing to young and old con taining the masterpieces of the greatest cartoonists There will be a full page of Jiggs and Maggie "Bringing Up ather" the Kauenjammer Kids and other comics which Will please you is niij tint Keep IdnJnlrut Handy' "to Pot the Good" Hack Into tho System is la grippe bronchitis asthma jMK Kiy icneveo py or cen nnc 1 ar Honey 30c 60c 120 All Druggists rip di Mlns Doris Brown and Wavne Caton were married by Rev Dean of Roseville on Christmas day accord ing to announcement just made WwtwentonTCU KCZKMA RINGWORM TKTTKR ortbrr itching Try 7 cnt bos our title When ike "kicked while he was cranking an sutomobile Orri Reed aged IS of Sonora had his right arm fractured above the wrist 'riday afternoon 1 Irishman of Junction City John Kerr Scotchman New Lexington Alexander" Bedols Hungarian Corning Prosper Cavote Brazilian Columbus and Nald Said Thomas Syrian of Murray City The three last named were soldiers In the recent war The following were continued: James West Englishman Rend ville James Jones Englishman of Crooksville Carlo Lamtranco Ital ian ot Corning and Joe Lombard Italian of Corning our petitioners AT CENTRAL II The subject of the morning aerv ices at Central church will be Airs Jenk The full leased wire report of the Associated Press will Le received carrying al! the live news of the world up to 2:39 Sunday morning No event of Im portance happening anywhere will be overlooked The Times Signal is to be non partisan politically It will cover the news parties in a way that will be interesting and instructive to all If you would be abreast of the times politically you must read the political news In this publication Zanesville people want a home newspaper one In which they will get all the news happenings which particularly affect this community yet In which outside hap penings will in no wise be minimized They will find just such a paper In The Sunday Tlmes EHgnal which Invites your consideration and careful perusal There is every evidence that this year will be one ot great activity among auto mobilises and automobile dealers Muskingum 5C00 autoists will want to learn of road programs tours and special automobile news which will be Invariably carried Clyde Vinsol and Charles Mc Laughlin were elected members of the ways and means committee of the St Lutheran church at a meeting of the committee held on riday evening They take the piaces of Ralph Christman and the winter time Is considered a dull sport season it will not appear when reading the sport pages of The Times Signal Boxing baseball Olympics Ing in fact every line of athletics will be given Its proportionate space A feature page will be carried each Sunday It will carry Information cf to all written by experts and embellished with the finest art Women will bo clally Interested In the valuable information contained therein pertaining to Tvouse hold affaire ana problems of life A staff of skilled news gatherers will scan the local field for news of every Nothing news value will be overlooked State news will be covered by our wires and special correspondents Cl? i if Jdrs JJ hw returned from ft visit with her daughter Mrs John ields of Warnock Elnwr linvr Xf a Cincinnati and who Is spending a and daughter Marjorie were Zunes WANTED Man to sell trees shrubs roses vims bulbs Per Ul druggists 35 The Maksim (L IT Lind Charles Ran rod Geiser jr vv rank Ranebottom THEATRICAL AND MOVIE PAGES Two pages possibly more will carried replete with theatrical news They will carry the week's programs for the various local playhouses news stories of the plots and Sellings of the cinema productions so theater goers may Intelligently' choose their entertainment in short you will get just the kind of theater news for which you are looking Wedding Guest" Luther League 7 Topic: "The all of Rev Rev Ruane assistant pastor ITeebyterlan i cunoiiy school a nermon a to Subject: Supreme Thing" Sermon 7 Subject: "Tha uneral Sermon of John Barb oycorn' The will attend In a body Special meetings will bo continued next week beginning each evenig at 7:15 ifev Rage pastor when junons report jVOOPSITJ'Ll Jrand jurors report Jan 26 and petit jurorl tb 2 where they are emploied T)0nald Cox han position as aaeletant cashier in the Page the New Lexington I irst National Bank i Moly Trinity Lutheran Will orsythe employed In Sunday school a ermon iol co grocery auojct: jesus Our Blessed Dr jue Ostpattio phyl JHii pnone 490 reopie can Trv a pound of Purity Nut Margarine Baptist Sunday school 0 a Sermon iv a Buoject: "salvation hv Graea" Sermon 7 Subject: "What God Requires from Ills Peo ple and What He Desires tor His People" The revival services will be continued next week beginning at 7 o'clock each evening There are several candidates for baptism Rev Charles Walsh psstor Methodist ICpiscopal Sunday school 9 a Sermon 10:15 a Subject: "Why Should the Work Cease?" Epworth League Sermon 7 Subject: "The Need of a Respectable The Knights of pythlae will attend the evening service In a body It Is expected that tho epeelal meeting beginning at 7 each even Ing will continue next week Rev A Hawk pastor I OR Eight room slate roof brink (IwcIHtik nn Muplc I Heights lu gixx! condition I Ian Atta Ins uud Real LAtaXo isgvncv nnooslte Perry Co bank Tell me why all the girlies "Tell me why all the damra i Walt till the leap year season To lose their reason And change their names Tell me million answers Tu qneatlons every day Will thio year Be great for track trams? At least the name seems To point that way Never has the activity in building building plans and movement of real estate been so real as now The Times Signal will carry building news and notes of move ment of property that will be Invaluable to those interested in these matters Indica tive of the prosperity of the city irst lATIOAJL OAJN A over IVE MILLION DOLLARS 'The Way Out" 'am! The Spirit of a five reel rtl nV aald to be the best story tinned will" ba fostered by the local I A J1 tJLG DrtiCfjtfuB will and THE STREET SELLER BOYS Realty Deed Joseph Woodruff to Weaver two lots In East ulton ham consideration 11 Rabbi Joseph Baron will speak at indley Avenue temple at Bunday evening and his sub ject will be Sympathetic Eye" Dance Gold hall tonight Admission 50c Elba Howell of Lexington avenue has returned from reeland where he attended the funeral bi Mlu Re beccin "Warne Hearing Undertaking Co 8 ith St motor and horse equipment ai in al (To th a gentlmentnl tuna ci A Hawk by three Crusaders Mrs Matilda Rutter Mrs Wright and Mrs Kate Van Wey and by Mr and Sirs Teal Miss Sadie Whitlock and Rev Mr Walsh solos and Mr and Mrs rank Randolph a duet After the pro gram luncheon was served At 12 the church bells were rung Those present numbered about 75 The Dixie Giris A program of ireat originality and charm consisting of operatic arias of the period ot the '60s negro stor ies and folk aone of the mountain eers will be presented by "The Dix ie Girls" Miss anny May Baldrlge of Kentucky and Miss Evelvnne Murphey of Louisiana on Tuesday evening Jan 20 beginning at 8 at the city hall under the auspices of th Peoples' Lecture course Dur ing the late war Miss Baldridge and Miss Murphey spent much time in entertaining at the various camps and were received with enthusiasm St Roec Chtliolic Low mass 7:30 a High 9:80 a Rev A A Cush psstor Th editorial policy of The Sunday Times Signal will be to deal in a frank and perfectly plain and outspoken manner with those matters which particularly affect the welfare cf this particular community first but "Will not overlook the big questions which engross the attention people of the state nation and world ALl It needs If just one trial a little applied without rubbing iH Kctbatea to convince you of Its 4 merit In relieving sciatica lumbagq neuralgia lame muscles atinncss bruises pains aches and strains after effects of exposure Ths congaation Is scattered promptly cleanly without effort econoinlatlly You become a reKu lar user bf Sloan's Liniment adding ijour enthusiasm to that of Its many thousands of other friends ths worldtsver Who keep It handy Three sizes st an IlrtU VILKC B5g if Ktl9k pan VI U4J pi VtjrrUII 111 lllw DUIiy pcVplU ftl! (J U1 4 Aftd: tousle prent4 the hoft aui noiitM given fur the vucatiunul training half 522 Market street un Sunday fthvad 1 ii i Lwnb fliruu Jrn evening wn spent tif ii taut tiluif aasitrliferai ittiriaHakan Kw kftnrnfiAn 8 verv and a lunch WSS Caldwell 0 Jan 17 Dr Ruesell Conwell will speak here ebruary 24 The Pierce Entertainers will appear on Wednesday evening eb 11 In a number consisting of read ings Impersonations and sketches New Salesroom Opens The Noble Overland Co of this place has opened a new salesroom In the Wright building on East Main street and John Lyons of this place was installed as manager A com plete line ot accessories and auto mobile supplies will be Installed and preparations are being mads to handle a large trade This company is on of biggest In th's county anj is building up a larger business ev ery day High School" Ha Social The members of the different classes ot the Caldwell high school all enjoyed a miscellaneous social given In the basem*nt of the irst this place or disabled soldiers undertaken by aiternoon at clock jhe Elks a Charles exaltsd ruler of'" Mary Eaton who has spent riday evening I Sarah Wartsnbse to inger Mr and Mr erry Gath who lot in Hchaumdalo addition consid leave next Tuesday for California station 11 were ths honor guests on riday at 1 William Madden to Herman Those present were Messrs and very pleasantly and a lunch was leedame Graham and 'on Graham Piper and son temard Howard Huffman Howard I A mrta birthday party was riv Piper Mlsaes Barah Vernon and an Thursday evening tor Mis Ruth fMyrta Crane and Mr and Mrs I MaCarthy of North Sixth street TheBrke Piper and Mr and Mrs Guy evening wes spent playing different yan ana aaugntrr Margaret or Dresden and Mr and Mrs Harry Ransbottom ot the Amer ican Clay Products Co Jett Satur day on a trip to Oklahoma tn con nection with oil lands investments there Narclwfus bulbs that will bom SO Th following applications were ad arid 75c per doz at nutted to citizenship: Gershon Yen fkine Russian ot New Lexington Edward Welh James Gilbert and Charley Hatm Syrian of New Jamea Callahan of Newark will Straltaville Dennie Joseph Dunne pnd Sunday here a Give me Henrnier Peach leCream I A ftr1lgatrMk lha wonaflnn nf ian alley nar ths plant of tbs Sixth and Marietta Sts American Hoping MH1 waa filed GQtttmwi pieaa court Maturoay by Attorney Meyer representing the pvmpany I (ae I The partition utt of a Mary Alice McDonald (MarshaH) versos Lewis WeUh et al haa been dismissed In common pfeiji copru Realty Vrc A Tt Pfthnn tn tfsward Ganrae cvn T'z a me AoSAniive rQT vnuorexi I1 Jhomptlr smoothly comfortably Po 1 Laa fyacUoas ths bowels and stirs the' tor liver Not a purgative Kke osJotad ia ba sv gentle safe essy ln aetbnt laxative for i wm i agujyjna ePyw yy yremoves the local lodge stated the place and I)Mt tw0 months visiting her date ot the showing ot ths flm has children at Poanoke Va has re not yet been fixed but It will ap turned home pear nsr in the near future rne ffillowinir Hmm Vcpti nr erved pointy bowrt the showing ot the MMflainei a itoaa an il uth Abraham congregation of fllkd baskets and a Bpread wa eeri which Mr Weber president and units I ks 4 kilasa WHY COUCH AND COUGH AND COUCH? VoUNG CLUB ENJOYED A DANCE cub oniT ARRESTED AS HE 0 IT nu A I Ute vvicrJ CliiT CnAl as viarenee joeepn Denman was about tn rns4 bis wife at ths arid railroad station Saturday morn dan Ing he was placed under arrest Dy Bldg Deputy Sheriff Mcarland Lehman was Indicted by the grand jury oft iJr last October fog noh support of bis were" Children (have returned from All soda! events that have either happened during the week or are going to hap pen wilt be given ample new space There will be two complete pages of society nows gotten up by experts In their line These pages will not only carry news but carry 'It in a newsy way Church of Christ at Thursday evening Basketball Trnni ane racuity or the local high ((1s a eehool has made arrangements for 1 Ty a blgnal Want A Crooksville Jan 1 7 Exten sive preparations are being made for fish fry to be given by the Crooks ville lodge ot Moose Saturday even ing January 24 Visiting delega tion from Zanesville New Lexing ton and Redfield will be in atten daree ajid the program will be Con cluded with' a social session and smoker Jewish Rdtef The Jewish Relief Drive under the direction of Rev George Weir pas tor of the I'J church la in prog ress here this week 1 Han Minstrel The members of the Aletah Tribe of Red Men are planning a minstrel entertainment which will be given In the near future and the proceeds will be applied to the clearing ot the bal ance of Indebtedness on the new 1 player piano recently Installed In the lodge rooms The date ot th event will probably bo late January or ear ly ebruary Severn! new members will bo received and one large Bunday school class will attend tho service In a body Tho evening service will be evangelistic and a quartet will sing Me Gently Home" NKYVAIIK IHmJtM AHTER NEWARK rank Mercer been re appolnted postmaster a room In which the local quintet o' basket tossers can practice Deeds Recorded Mollie Young to Sheckto lot 316 Caldwell 11 Emma Cunningham to A Russel JMd acres Sharon 8710 William arkf to Rosanna 8719 William Parra Sharon 81 rank Tuttle ts Leota Park 14 acres Sharon Ethel Brokaw to and Il Price 65 acres Center 8660 Lull'! owler to rank Hughes 36 acresl Marlon 81 Harold Mcerren to McGee part of 30 acres h'oW'l 81 A Mcerren to McCfl 80 acres Seneca 81 to Rose Groves 40 acres Seneca I' Sheriff Groves to Mummey acres Elk 8580 John RlchAl Thurman Rich part of lotsB'j 22 Mt Ephrlam Leroy Lashley 9 Watson 3030 acres Seneft! 81700 and A Watson to Watson 8030 acres Senectf 41200 Thurman Rich to UM Molgen part lot 21 22 Mr 81 Alice McAdams to Homer JoM'l son lot 11 Caldwell 83200 lam Price to Price 65 Center 81 Levi Gill to Chas Bi Gill lot 126 Caldwell 81 Ezarick to Mike Macenko lot H' Belle Valley 8126 A Secrest Chas McMahon 3098 acres Buffalo (239880 Week If you haven't a SAVINGS AC "COUNT show that you are progressing wjfir the times by starting one with the IRST NATIONAL BANK" which pays compound interest Urf deposits frerq 5100 up Mpigvtreih Long iruiueocs uarcei in Brush Creek township considera tion fl Relieve It with Dr Pine Tar Honey A you nj 0 rt MdcU and fc become a chronic condition? Of course not! Not when you know you have a preparation like Dr mu i me 1 ar Honey to loosen it uo and bo allow Nature The firat dose will will maka an effort' to be vespers on Runday afternoon at i present I A Mias Marguerite Matthews will also aing Mrs Weaver 'Perrin of North Seventh wf lead the service and give a ht VVl VIMl IWUUOU I ttotojl 4Y41 U4 1 South Tllver Jan or elect Geurg Burton I never till Am 11 1 Vi i ft Vi 1 ag tl lirtppteu 1140 11 vvmwji BO'uun Hw vv 4 wuivm a run at a flock of aald a manent Brown Nurser frlend yesterday he hue ivs Roeheater never been known to oar a amgie duck until the recent rero weath a how happened: He wajj nUay stowed away Irr hh houac boat riday when a flock of uejes flylnff the bay with Ipud the THREE SOLDIERS New Lexington Jan 17 I United States Examiner Groff ot Pltfsburg Pa conducted a natural! izatlon examination riday morning Jin the common pleas court oom A Nation of Savers The young men of the country are step ping intd front rank of Army of Savers just as they marched in the 'Army of Liberty I Buchanan Rill 1 Bv ih will ot former commieaner James Buchanan of Salt creek towMhlp 154 acre farm automobile farming Imple ments household goodk and persons! property with some exceptions are left a ion pearl Buchanan "who kt to pay each to four other chll dreif frttMe a lidmt fo? the IW and mother during her life time and Is narsrd executor of the estate An Insurance policy of (2966 la to be Ahided among th children Taken Io Reformatory MrsUnrle was taken to the reformatory st Marysville Sat urday to start suspended sentence for contributing to the delinquency of her daughter Wenda MCfeilan ytnh The was made In Juvenile court following Mrs McClellan's arreet In Columbus this week tor violation of parole In leav ing the city She 1 alleged to have 4 worn falsely to her daughter's kg 'henti girl appliedor license to wed Sack Alley Varat8n lng planned by a oom satisfaction to proclaim to 'the hlch Mrs red Gelgtr world that Dr Vege i OJtoar member of table Compound has performed! inney of Blue Rock was al tailed to mtlrnuuimmiiu The sedan In tha nAa tnz miti a ih i i UVAl rVl sisfl Vf HI VW VII evtlic SI vivvrnifu iry irpjry In celebration ot national prohibi tion member of the local IT hftld a nlirhY fYiAnflnt at thfl I Rena and Anna Moor of home of Mr and Mrs II Teal of Ichandiersyilie were city visitors re Main street from nine until mfd iment Tnursdav ven nr rne nresu I dent Mrs A lxwet presided ol Misses Verda and Rhea Ballinger lowing a scripture reading by Mrs of Cleveland are visiting In Jhe city Jay Wilder and a prayer by Rev A I Hawk talks were given by Rev Th Salvation Army win conduct! Page Rev charieg WafBh Rev Ina 4'rninl nrir1ru MWtivaal A Th grand march was led by Mirs Clare neijly and Toto Mrer and tn a im nauon nance i rwera stvm Mr and Mrs John Hcto Jt I Ml WIUIIHbAH VtUW HIIIlUVIt V8 svetong a lunui committee are Mwidamu HarryVM served Mr and Mrs John Hem carrtt Clement Mattingly A met" anti Mr and Mr Manning Im jioaa iMisses Goodman Uy "were the chaperon Mia Ruse Cavanaugh Quinlan" Perkins and EngleptWnf of thij club and A)era la lor tha Elka nd their jMiss Catherine Hauimr i ladle and prom Ims Io be enjoyable rdenta were gueata at the dance Mr HarrLtiAg "ot North Sixth! Wr Mr Weber of Con street was surprised riday evening tr asnu were surprised on Iri ln honor of her birthday The party evening in honor of the 20th anwas planned by her ristef Mr Ryan nlversary of their marriage ot Dresden and it was a complete iuet were about Jtt of the ladles of ururprlsa gueeta carried wdll Both Abraham congregation ot jira and ths pretty wv Mt a day A leap year dance to be riven at the Hike ciab probably on Valen I ni tn jM'SHtiru try rt vwirs or wi jr mb cuuiijgiA8i uuiw HitiiuriB vi iiinB i Dnioounii riKB nrrormifl miraculous rum ef stomach iron recent visitor in th city kilsau yteavx mJ If tzimLI Hua nvirl biliousness In "If family A Mr reeman Wood has returned Cornelius Gardnersvllle Ky adv to Crooksville after a brief' visit r7 lhere EATURE ILM TO BE 'i Thedance ort riday evening giv en at tha Catholic Young wClub waa one of most delightful ternoon and evening at an affair giv Madden quit claim deed to parcel it the week parties It was given en by ths Mlgses Mcarland of Mays 1 In Newton townhlp consideration tf msmhra of MisaM Htden and rrw fJ a guwv 18 BMrtpwt "ri Utt a at hl sir i ihi isriiv rv rr ti esa izv aiuu mix wm a evt ie A dancing was from until 12 clock Oyter upper was wived Mr strth a) siuom was lumujiTO ur uath wa presented with a gitL In honor of Miss Mildred Well whd will Ire vc soon for an extended visit In Jacksonville la The truest wnr th lei of the Bon Ton and ''The Essentials'' the evening was spent socially A Ins will sing "The Sinner atid the lunch wks rved tljlng ovur the bay wl awakened hltn etsrlv hour of 10 a "He rushed on deck and discover ed he was surrounded by a flock of (ugly ducklings who threatened to carry away nis float me nuer ot tho souawky tribe decided however rto tak a swim In the ley water sooner nan they allvntaO man mev were irosen rast oy tne zero weather George noticed that the ducks were struggling to get away but could not force them selves from their Icy mooring This Is my chance to get ured he Seizing his trustygun he jumped on the meadow and vu lW 4VW IliR upprvwtl t0 it up frlghtenv them and with one JT sd i iu yuu ub ii tnwiuv ritual uiry BkruKK'ra miQ InP iw nut uuw win prouuce gratitying ir carrying win mem heavy results The wcond and third ivill rn sheet of Ice which bound them to Vince you that Dr Bell' Pine Tar They directly over Honey is an enemyto a cold head and were so slow that George The preparntion is second to non on of them by the hind legs for its notions return uutieu II loose CmxrU BrUfZ C7 2 vl 11? Thv of thtii duck made the nl heavv for the real of the quickly relieved by Dr Bell Pine Tar find whiAh laooh I 4 4 XA cvtlip Qivpijl As they were circling slowly over the houseboat the old drake became exhausted He could not hold up his end and with a reboundins rruh tn entire flock fell through the cabin door "When George returned he found he had captured a whole flock of duck without the ue ot his gun now telling ht friend that he shot them" CARD THANKS wih to thank the friends and relatives tor their kindness during 1 the sickness and death of our moth er Mary Miller also Rv Kinney and the singers HARLEY MILLER OTIS MILLER MILLER lu Probate Court The case of Grace Keeley ot Corn Rev James Best pastor ot the ln aa Sfrd8n of Vincent Bea irst Church Cambridge Is conduct lrlce Kathryn Grace and Ing the service at the Arthur Kelley vs her wards lias Church here been given a hearing In probate tl Jackson has been suffering court It was found necessary to the past week from an abscess In "e11 the rfal estate situated In New his ears Lexington ond Corning belonging to Johp'T Wilson spent a few days he estate of the tale Arthur Keeley recently with bls parents Mr and or the education and maintenance Mrs William Wilson of Kimbolton the wards Willis Wright "Wll Lloyd McCullough and Wilmer "Ham Garrison and Henry Brandt Pollock have returned to Canton were appointed to appraise the vornmg real esiate ano ueorge A orquer Chappelear and mriM and a lunch Wtrec lew TtorAi hs XV re a srww gvw' imu mwHiniiiCT ium Adrlan Virginia Tarrier Mildred lvi Stanton Morns Kea HchMimteffeL BUk Edith jojin BrOwn Ransbottom nrpiunf ivva larriwr ohmivm Clyde IteiUipnor TJJjaalai Vnvre CJ A V1 1 ttl Va va Atiun ci AS4 i 4 i nrtiwti nit six i The Amrou Grotto ladle will be guest at an anatr to ns given on Kpragu and Mark lJn(Jerner aftMnnnn ths nOIliaOf: Edward of 683 Belmont I avenue The hoeteseea will be Mea jvir Coffman who sings in Congre Qlnrhart Kerner and gmioiuU church choir Walnut aiy ununuikiiY muvu tunc it I jlllQ UttUjilllvl wl OlJUflC tl IjqB ing ptannad and it hoped all few In the city will sing atvHie caller Wednesday McConugna of Cambridge was visiting his slater Mrs Walter Hell Monday MfCall who has been sick the past few weeks remains about the same' 1 1 77 re 7 rfv 1 A gsSSSSs Bl aWfg ar wh'TPrf'r r'is iii i 0 22 a fl i gfj 1: 7 I I A fl 3 p'i i jd I 4 48wwJ' a nflBflSE2325BBfflHBBI 6c Ac A SME MbTT SAtSJ MMHIN'VET i AUCM 1 WE HOPE I APSES' fAtl OR MISS JORYUME'S SmiTe" dpj Sign fora SiXTlN 1 TIGHT? I LE AGUE CLUBS ARE UJAITIMG for hiss plnnanA 7 1 PROPOSE" UjtLl ME VER HAVE ANOTHER 1 7 Jl "Hi S'Kxy All XIMIJ U15 PVLIXP 8Y I STBVk BROhiB 4iC at flwmnnniAYi Inrm a vZ zztXa I I a a a '7 rlr a ft kK ft 1 si i ill fr Ep It a A I rl I w4.

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