Anthony Farrer Dui (2024)

1. California Case: Mail and Wire Fraud in Farrer's Ponzi Scheme

  • Nov 14, 2023 · Anthony Farrer, 35, founder of the Timepiece Gentleman in ... DUI · Domestic Violence · How Is Domestic Violence Defined In The State ...

  • Discover the legal implications of Anthony Farrer's arrest in Beverly Hills for mail and wire fraud, as we delve into the California charges, defense strategies, and options available to victims in this comprehensive analysis

2. Anthony Farrer Arrest Archives - Los Angeles Criminal and Self Defense ...

  • Anthony Farrer, 35, founder of the Timepiece Gentleman in Beverly Hills, was ... DUI · Domestic Violence · How Is Domestic Violence Defined In The State Of ...

  • Henry Cantor November 14, 2023 0

3. Anthony Farrer Opens Up about the Struggles He Overcame to ...

4. Timepiece Gentleman - Watchlords

  • The dude's latest DUI arrest is being shown around and it shows a pantless ... Most known associates of Anthony Farrer have cut ties with him, but two ...

  • Is not! He's currently on the run after stealing $5Million dollars from Consignees and clients. For the past few years Anthony Farrer has been a Youtube watch seller, supposedly showing him and his employees how the watch selling industry works. For years people have been questioning his lavish lifestyle. He drives fancy sports cars ,eats at expensive restaurants and blows cash, cocaine and hookers apparently.

5. "Gentlemen Timepieces" founder charged for Ponzi-type scheme

  • Nov 8, 2023 · The FBI arrested Anthony Farrer, known as "The ... 4 people injured after car driven by alleged DUI driver slams into Arcadia 7-Eleven.

  • Federal prosecutors charged the founder of Beverly Hill's "Gentlemen Timepieces" for a Ponzi-type scheme.

6. The time bandit - Business Insider

  • Feb 4, 2024 · In 2018, Farrer was freshly out of prison after another DUI. He'd missed the death of his mother and the birth of his son. Dead broke and ...

  • How the Wolf of Watch Street ran out of time

7. Beverly Hills watch dealer under scrutiny after items vanish

  • Oct 2, 2023 · Anthony Farrer was running out of time. ... He served time in prison in 2008 for running from cops on a motorcycle and again in 2016 for a DUI, he ...

  • The collapse of the Timepiece Gentleman is a cautionary tale full of contradictions. A gaudy lifestyle that belied growing money problems. A fall that unfolded in front of millions but received little media attention. An alleged culprit who bounces between apologies and denials.

8. Beverly Hills Consignment Store Owner Charged with Conning ...

  • Nov 8, 2023 · Anthony Farrer, 35, who until recently lived in downtown Los Angeles ... DUI Checkpoint in Riverside Results in 34 Arrests · Detectives ...

  • A Los Angeles man who previously operated a business in Beverly Hills known as Gentlemen Timepieces appeared in court Wednesday on charges of defrauding customers of his luxury watch consignment business. Anthony Farrer, 35, who until recently lived in downtown Los Angeles, was charged in a federal criminal complaint filed Monday with wire fraud, a […]

Anthony Farrer Dui (2024)
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