2024 All-Area Boys' Track and Field: Meet the complete team (2024)

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All-Area First Team

Athlete Year Event(s) School

Jackson Barrett Sr. Long distance/middle distance Tuscola

Quincy Carter Jr. Jumps/sprints Argenta-Oreana

Will Foltz Sr. Long distance/middle distance Tuscola

Demarion Forman Sr. Throws Monticello

Zane Hoffman Fr. Sprints Ridgeview/Lexington

Riley Hogan So. Pole vault/hurdles/sprints St. Thomas More

Josiah Hortin Sr. Middle distance/long distance Tuscola

Ayden Ingram Sr. Jumps/sprints Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin

D’Mario Jackson Fr. Sprints Danville

Voldy Makabu Jr. High jump Centennial

Dominic Martin Sr. Hurdles/jumps/sprints Ridgeview/Lexington

Tyler Miller Sr. Hurdles/sprints Westville

Preston Seals Sr. Sprints Rantoul

Brysen Vasquez Sr. Sprints Salt Fork

All-Area Second Team

Athlete Year Event(s) School

Jerrius Atkinson So. Hurdles/sprints Schlarman

Braydon Campbell Sr. Sprints Ridgeview/Lexington

Ty Clark Jr. Pole vault Mahomet-Seymour

Will Fuson So. Middle distance/long distance Cerro Gordo/Bement

Jayvon Irwin Sr. Sprints Mahomet-Seymour

Abraham Lenear Sr. Sprints Urbana

Carson Maroon Sr. Long distance/middle distance St. Joseph-Ogden

Eric Miebach Sr. Sprints Unity

Cole Pemble Sr. Long jump/sprints Blue Ridge

Brock Schlittler Jr. Sprints Unity

Kam Sweetnam Jr. Jumps/sprints Tuscola

Maddax Stine So. Throws Salt Fork

Travion Wilson Jr. Sprints/hurdles Centennial

Sawyer Woodard Jr. Throws Tuscola

All-Area Honorable Mention

Academy High:

  • Jack Braun (Jr., long distance/middle distance), Sorin Popescu (So., sprints)


  • Oden Barron (Sr., sprints), Ryan Lindstrom (Sr., sprints/jumps), Braden Phillips (Jr., sprints/triple jump/hurdles), Brody Phillips (Fr., sprints), Tanner Thomas (Jr., sprints/jumps)


  • Tyson Tennin (So., long jump/sprints)


  • Eli Kennel (Sr., pole vault/high jump/hurdles)


  • Jacob Tighe (Jr., throws)

Blue Ridge:

  • Matt Schumacher (Sr., throws/sprints)


  • Tahj Bradley (Sr., sprints), Exauce Kalala (Sr., sprints), Escko Law (Fr., sprints), Todd Makabu (Sr., jumps)

Cerro Gordo/Bement:

  • Dylan Howell (Sr., long distance/middle distance)

Champaign Central:

  • Garren Barker (So., middle distance), Fynn Bright (Sr., middle distance/long distance), William Hardy (So., hurdles), Caleb Mathias (So., long distance/middle distance), Jakob Riley (Jr., middle distance)


  • Drew Moser (Sr., long distance/middle distance), Anthony Westbrooks (Jr., long jump/sprints)


  • Davari Boyd (Sr., sprints/jumps), Aidan Henderson (So., sprints/long jump), Victor Jones (So., high jump), PerSirus Menifield (Sr., jumps), Jerry Reed III (Jr., sprints/triple jump)


  • Nathan Smith (So., sprints)

Fisher: Noah Hurley (Sr., long distance/middle distance),

  • AJ Parker (Fr., sprints/high jump)

Georgetown-Ridge Farm:

  • James Cody (Jr., hurdles/jumps), Jeremy Hall (Sr., throws), Aidan Morgan (Fr., long distance), William Runyan (Fr., jumps)

Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley:

  • Jacob Chase (So., sprints), Kale Holzhauer (So., throws), Evan Landers-Kristensen (Fr., sprints/middle distance), Aiden Sancken (Sr., sprints), Shawn Schlickman (Sr., pole vault/sprints)


  • Aidan Ashbrook (Sr., middle distance), Eli Denmark-Collins (So., middle distance/long distance), Clark Roland (Fr., middle distance/long jump), Cohen Sands (Sr., middle distance)

Hoopeston Area:

  • Keenon Anderson (So., sprints), Owen Garrett (So., long distance/middle distance)

Iroquois West:

  • Owen Borders (Fr., middle distance), Damian Alvarado (Sr., hurdles)

Judah Christian:

  • Josiah Brown (Jr., sprints), Dominic Mortenson (So., sprints)


  • Sam Edmundson (So., middle distance)


  • Alexander O’Brian (Sr., sprints), Lukas Carey (Sr., middle distance), Augustus Gaudio (So., long distance), Travis Hoffman (Jr., hurdles/sprints), Kaden Jackson (Jr., middle distance), Kaleb Kasper (Jr., long distance), Ryken Kirby (Sr., sprints/long jump), Henry McMurry (So., long distance), Lukas Nykaza (Jr., middle distance), Ethan Ramirez (Jr., middle distance/long distance), Dylan Smith (Jr., sprints)

Milford/Cissna Park:

  • Skyler Estay (Fr., long jump/hurdles/sprints), Tyler Runner (Jr., sprints)


  • River Derby (Jr., middle distance/long distance), Rylan Good (Sr., middle distance), Jack Helms (Jr., hurdles/jumps), Ayden LeGrande (Jr., middle distance), Caden Murphy (Sr., sprints), Cole Sowinski (Sr., pole vault/sprints), Caleb Wood (Jr., middle distance)


  • Bryson McDaniel (Sr., jumps/sprints), Connor Moss (Jr., sprints), Macen Phillips (Jr., middle distance), Jacob Pricer (Jr., sprints), Jakob Rupp (Jr., middle distance), Connor Smith (Jr., sprints), Connor Taflinger (So., sprints), Lucas Tyas (Fr., middle distance), Thomas Wells (Jr., long distance/middle distance)


  • Robert Boyd-Meents (Jr., long jump/sprints), Isaiah Busby (Jr., long distance/middle distance), Mason Vaughan (So., hurdles)

Prairie Central:

  • Hudson Ault (Jr., sprints), Tagen Fehr (So., hurdles/sprints), Caiden Schulz (Jr., sprints), Brian Zhao (Sr., sprints/long jump)


  • Wade Cloninger (Jr., middle distance), Gabriel Gordon (So., hurdles), Chase Knock (Jr., sprints), Noah Tull (Jr., sprints), Emarion White (Jr., sprints/long jump)


  • Payton Campbell (Sr., sprints), Micah Coffman (Jr., middle distance), Owen Grice (Jr., sprints/throws), Taiyveon Hanke (Jr., middle distance), Brec Hoffman (Sr., hurdles), Braxton Kelly (Fr., middle distance), Tanner Maupin (Fr., middle distance), Eric Payne (So., sprints/high jump), Colton Snyder (Jr., sprints)

St. Joseph-Ogden:

  • Aden Armstrong (Sr., middle distance), Tim Blackburn-Kelley (So., sprints/triple jump), Jackson Ennis (Jr., throws), Lance Retz (So., long distance/middle distance), Charlie Schmitz (Jr., pole vault), Logan Smith (Sr., sprints), Brock Trimble (Sr., throws), Colin Wayland (Sr., sprints), Jack Wear (Fr., pole vault), Spencer Wilson (Sr., sprints/middle distance)

St. Thomas More:

  • Ben Horn (Sr., jumps/sprints), David Tuala (Sr., sprints), Robbie Vavrik (Sr., throws), Jacob Yeager (Fr., high jump)

Salt Fork:

  • Ian Church (So., hurdles/sprints), Kamdyn Keller (Jr., triple jump/sprints), Ethan Merritt (Jr., sprints), Ty Smoot (Sr., middle distance/long distance), Xander Swanson (So., hurdles/sprints), Blake Trimmell (Fr., throws)


  • Jerrius Atkinson (So., hurdles/sprints), Jaiden Chirayil (So., long distance), Noah Fowler (Fr., high jump)


  • Deaiden Arnold (Jr., sprints/long jump), Mason Booker (Jr., hurdles/sprints), Brett Bushue (Sr., pole vault/high jump), Kyle Corkill (Sr., triple jump/sprints), Easton England (Sr., middle distance), Aian Fryman (Jr., sprints/long jump), Kaden Guest (Sr., sprints), Owen Hussong (Sr., middle distance), Johnathan Iacobazzi (So., long distance/middle distance/high jump), Rhett Lehman (Jr., middle distance), Hayden Moody (Sr., middle distance)


  • Hunter Thompson (Jr., sprints/long jump), Myles Watson (Jr., jumps/sprints)


  • Calvin Cook (So., sprints), Kamden Flenner (So., sprints), Dylan Graves (So., sprints), David Hornaday (Jr., hurdles/middle distance), Carter Simpson (Jr., hurdles/sprints), Aiden Weaver (Sr., throws), Kade Wilcox (Jr., sprints)

Uni High:

  • Pieter Duursma (Jr., middle distance), Ben Newman (Jr., sprints), Kelby Svendsen (Sr., middle distance/long distance), Bruce Tang (Jr., middle distance), Matthew Ulozas (Sr., middle distance), Henry Wang (Jr., middle distance)


  • Eli Crowe (So., long distance), Camden Fairbanks (So., long distance), Alex Mowrer (Jr., jumps/sprints), Mason O’Neill (So., sprints), Garrett Richardson (Jr., sprints), Ryan Rink (Jr., sprints), Jeremy Wells (Sr., sprints/long jump)


  • Mohammed Amrani (Jr., middle distance), Hudson Coady (Sr., long distance/middle distance), Sorrell Darough Jr. (So., sprints), Donovan Dorsey (Sr., hurdles), Marcus Goines (Sr., sprints), Jevan Juday (Fr., middle distance), Terrell King (Sr., sprints), Micah Miller (Jr., sprints), Arlin Orr (Fr., middle distance), Cedric Sabin (Sr., sprints)

Villa Grove:

  • Braydon Dowler (Sr., sprints), Jacob Golightly (Fr., hurdles/sprints), Layne Rund (Sr., sprints/high jump), Lukas Shadwick (Jr., middle distance/long distance), Kyler Williams (Sr., jumps), Kurt Zimmerman (Jr., long distance/middle distance)


  • Jack Combes (Sr., jumps/sprints), Hagen Hoy (Sr., middle distance/long distance), Evan LaBelle (Sr., throws/sprints), Andrew McTaggart (Jr., long distance), Zander Stano (Sr., sprints/long jump)


Lincoln Cravens (So., throws/sprints), Garrett Hatcher (So., sprints), Trent McMasters (Sr., sprints), Ja’Den Whorral (Jr., sprints)

Zach Piatt is a prep sports reporter at The News-Gazette. He can be reached at zpiatt@news-gazette.com.

Zach Piatt

College/Prep Sports Reporter

  • Author email



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